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How to Make a Great Decision | HEROIC™ Design #2

Updated: Apr 16

Design is a decision-making process. You will probably make 10,000 decisions in every design project.

But how do you know you're making the right design decisions.

Making decisions for ourselves is tough enough. But in design, we make decisions for other people.

It's very easy to just choose what we would want, or what we think our users would want. Often, those are just the same thing.

So, what we need is a method to record what our users want, and make the best trade-offs we can.

The method we use is called the Weighted Decision Matrix.

In the Heroic Design Workbook, this Weighted Decision Matrix (Rating Table), is at the bottom of the Brainstorming Table. It is always filled in first, before brainstorming, so you are brainstorming in the right direction.

And as a bonus, here is a brainstorming workbook that contains a number of brainstorming worksheets you can use to make great design decisions.

Heroic Design Brainstorming Workbook
Download PDF • 282KB

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